Mother's Day

10 Things to Do with You Mom on Mother’s Day

Wondering what to do with your mom on Mother’s Day this year? There are tons of activities, both inside and outside of the home, that you can do with your mom that will be sure to make her smile. Below we’ve outlined a few ideas of things that might be fun to do with your mom!

  1. Make your mom’s favorite meal with her or pick up takeout from her favorite restaurant. If she is able, she can help you prep and cook side by side. If not, she can be your taste tester and you can spend the afternoon together!

  2. Bake cookies or some other delicious treat with your mom. The Renaissance’s cafe is the perfect place to make something delicious.

  3. Take a stroll around the Renaissance’s outside trails. You could even pack a picnic to have out on the back porch after your stroll.

  4. You can take your mom to a local museum. If your mom was a teacher, she might get a kick out of going to the National Museum of Education in Akron.

  5. Take your mom out to a meal at her favorite local restaurant. It doesn’t need to be super fancy- just make sure it’s a place that she loves to go.

  6. If your mom loves to garden, you could plant some flowers in the garden at Renaissance. It would be a beautiful and lasting reminder of your day together.

  7. Play cards or a board game together. Maybe surprise your mom by bringing her favorite board game or a game that you and her played frequently while you were growing up.

  8. Play their favorite music for them. Come with a collection of their favorite records and listen to them or even sing-a-long.

  9. If your mom is a big sports fan, take her to her favorite sports team’s next event. You can present her the tickets on Mother’s Day and go at a later date.

  10. Just relax on the couch and watch some TV or her favorite movie.

The most important thing that you can do with your mom this Mother’s Day is to be around her and make sure she feels loved and appreciated!