Teaching Your Grandchildren About Memorial Day

Everyone knows that Memorial Day means a day off work, spending time with family, and backyard BBQs. Unfortunately, sometimes the real meaning of the day gets lost amongst the celebrations. While it’s fine to enjoy your family and have fun on this day while the weather starts to turn warm, you can also use it as a way to build stronger relationships with your grandchildren while telling them what the holiday is all about. Below we’ve outlined some ways you can share more about the origins of the holiday while building a deeper connection to your young loved ones.  

Tell them about your own experience in the military. Explain to them the difference between when you grew up and how they’re growing up. Tell them about how your service affected your life and what it means to you to celebrate Memorial Day. Kids love to hear how the world was once very different than the one that they live in today. You can pass down stories that you’d like them to remember and, one day, recount to their grandchildren.

Take a trip to a local memorial. You can take a fun trip with your family to a local memorial. Taking a trip to Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park would make a great and informative outing. You can make this experience uplifting by making a picnic and talking about your childhood with your grandchildren. You can let them know that all these men and women that are being honored fought to make their present day a reality.

Attend a parade. There are many parades that you can attend with you grandchildren on Memorial Day. The Hudson Memorial Day Parade would be a great destination and activity to do with your grandchildren. It's only 20 minutes away from Renaissance! The jubilance of the parade will make them squeal with delight but you can also explain the meaning of the holiday as the different parts of the parade go past. This is a way to make the origin of the holiday both interesting and fun.

 Regardless of what you decide to do this year for Memorial Day, make sure that the main point of the holiday is spending time with your loved ones. You can make this an informative and fun day that helps you build bonds with your grandchildren while also educating them on both your life and origin of this holiday.