The Importance of Senior Mobility

It has long been known that mobility is a key factor to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life as we age. As we surpass the age of 65, mobility becomes even more important. One third of seniors over the age of 65 fall at least once a year. A small slip that you could bounce back from easily as a child is not so easy to rebound from as a senior.

In order to reduce the number and severity of these falls in seniors that are 65+, it is important to remain active and mobile. By remaining mobile as a senior, they are improving their cardiovascular health, balance, and strength. Oftentimes mobility also allows for more socialization which is a good preventive measure to take against dementia and Alzheimer's.

The Motion Wellness System is a system developed in the 1970’s to help improve senior mobility. It comes from the idea of a child’s playground. The first Motion Wellness System was created in England and includes balance beams, fitness steps and ramps, and pull-up bars. When seniors used this system they increased their coordination, balance, and overall health by staying active in a safe and not overly taxing way.

Since the 1970’s these systems have started to spring up all over the world. They are a fun and safe way for seniors to increase their mobility and they recently started gaining traction in the United States. They can be found in assisted living communities, parks, and other public places around the U.S. At Renaissance, we understand the importance of senior mobility and work with our Members everyday to make sure that they are getting up and getting active so that they can live the most fulfilling life possible.