Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

Ever wonder why your hair turns gray? It’s inevitable whether we want it to or not but have you ever asked yourself why we start to see those gray hairs intermingle with our beautiful colored locks? Well, research has been done to unlock the answer.  

Your hair is colored thanks to melanocytes. Melanocytes are stem cells located in the base of the hair follicle that the hair most pass through that give it pigmentation. Our specific type of pigmentation is based on our genes which is why you’ll typically see families with the same hair color.  

Now that we have a basic understanding of how your hair gets it’s color, we can dive into how it loses it. As you age, your cells begin to get weaker and break down. We can see this in how our skin reacts to age and by the graying of hair. When the cells at the base of our hair follicles get damaged or die, they stop producing the melanocytes that our hair needs to have color.

 While we still have lots to learn about hair and it’s growth, we do know that a lot of it is dependent on your genes. So if you’re going gray in your 50’s- make sure to thank your good genes!