Why More Men Are Moving to Assisted Living Communities

Traditionally, it’s been mostly women in assisted living homes. As the life expectancy for men continues to increase, the ratio of men to women has shifted within assisted living homes. Currently, the average lifespan for men in the United States in 76 but in other countries in the world, the life expectancy is as high as 81.7 years old. While women’s life expectancies have remained fairly stagnant over the last 25 years, men’s have continued to increase steadily upwards. Although their longer life spans are one reason for the increasing presence for men in assisted living communities, there are a few others that we have uncovered and outlined below.

More Severe Illnesses
Because men are living longer, they are also running into more severe health concerns that they may not have faced in the recent past. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are some of the most common illnesses for aging individuals. Renaissance of Richfield and Bath’s Memory Care facility provides a viable solution for children that are dealing with a parent that has this disease. Services like these are one of the reasons that we are seeing more men moving to Assisted Living communities.

Innovations in Senior Living Arrangements
The days of old, stuffy accommodations with underpaid and under appreciated and cranky staff members are slowly becoming a part of the past. Renaissance’s homey feel and many amenities make the transition to assisted living not only bearable but desirable. Your loved one can now look forward to healthy eating, scheduled activities, and around the clock health services from their community which makes the move much easier.

 There are many reasons why were are seeing more men moving to assisted living communities like Renaissance but these are some of the keys!