Strategies For When A Parent Refuses Assisted Living

Here at Renaissance, we know that not every senior is enthused about moving from their home to an assisted living home. That being said, there are certain ways that you can talk to your loved ones to make them more understanding and willing to move to an assisted living facility, like Renaissance. Below we have outlined some ways to speak with your parents and loved ones about making the transition.

When you start to see your loved one slow down, it is time to have an open and honest discussion with them about their options. Bring up all their options (assisted living, independent living, nursing home, etc.) and discuss all the positives and negatives for their specific needs. If you hit resistance, take a step back and let the topic go for a while. When you feel the time is right, bring it back up gently. Don’t try to force your will on the person as this may make them fight back even harder in the other direction.

Another strategy you may want to take is telling them that this move is not just for them but also for you. Tell them that you are worried about them and that you want what is best for them. Let them know that your life is also being affected by their aging because you are worried about them. Older individuals rarely want to feel like they’re a burden on their family and when they find out that they are, they may be more open to making the move to an assisted living facility.

Another effective point is to let your loved one know that an assisted living facility can actually give them more independence. If they hate having nurses in their home all the time, they can have more privacy at an assisted living home.

If your parent was at one time more social and has seen that dwindle due to the death of family and friends, you can point out that the move would increase their social life again. They would be surrounded by people their age and be able to participate in activities that could help them meet others and make new friendships.

Finally, if they are a homeowner, you can point out that an assisted living facility would allow them to free up their time from home maintenance. A lot of upkeep goes with owning a home and at an assisted living facility, all that maintenance is taken care of by someone else.

Although it might be hard to talk to your parent about moving to a facility, in the end, just be open and honest from the onset about the conversation. Let them know that this is something that will be good for both them and you and let them know about all the advantages of moving to the assisted living facility. In the end, it can improve everyone’s life!