3 Fun Activities For Seniors in the Spring

As spring begins to bloom and the weather gets nicer, you may feel the urge to capitalize on the wonderful weather outside. Sometimes it’s hard to think of fun things to do outside, though! Luckily, we have some ideas that will help get you up and outside and enjoying the nice weather in a safe and fun way.

Take A Walk Outside

It’s always great to just take a walk outside. Taking a stroll outside can help clear your mind while also elevating your heart rate slightly without causing too much stress on your muscles and joints. The grounds at Renaissance offer lovely sidewalks on which you can take a walk with your children, grandchildren, or other Members. Memory Care offers a path that connects the two wings to ensure that your loved one remains safe but still has access to the outdoors.

Go For A Picnic 

Another great and easy idea is packing up a picnic to eat outside. At Renaissance, there is a beautiful back patio with plenty of outdoor seating so that you can eat outside or you can choose to do it more “old fashioned” and pack up a basket and go take your lunch down toward the lake on the Renaissance property. If you decide to go out and about to take your picnic, make sure to pick a place that isn’t too hard to get to. Always remember to pack lots of sunscreen and avoid going during the peak hours of the day, from 12-4 PM, in order to stay out of the harshest sun of the day.

Paint Or Draw Outside

Painting or drawing outside is an additional way to take advantage of the budding spring weather. Again, pick a time in which the sun isn’t glaring down on you and make sure to bring lots of water with you. Then all you have to do is bring your drawing pad or easel and start creating. The outside may also serve as a great landscape to draw or paint!

There are tons of things that are safe and healthy that you can do outside and nice weather and beautiful days can help improve your mood and overall well being. So make sure that you take advantage of all that free Vitamin C this year!