Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

As the weather begins to warm up and outdoor activities begin to increase in frequency, it’s important to take note of the hotter weather and the impact it has on the health of seniors. As we age, it becomes harder for the human body to create sweat which is the only way that we have to cool down. When the body cannot cool itself, it leads to dehydration and can dramatically increase the rate of heart attack and stroke. Here we are going to outline a few ways that you can make sure you and your loved ones keep healthy in the heat.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure that you are drinking LOTS of water if you plan to be out in the heat. Drink a glass before you go outside and make sure to bring along a water bottle to drink while you are out in the sun or heat of the day.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine seriously dehydrates your body. It acts as a diuretic on our kidneys and is a bladder irritant. Both of these things increase our need to use the restroom and deplete our bodies of the liquids that are so vital for its proper function. Instead of coffee in the morning, opt for water!

Skip Direct Sun Exposure

Don’t go out and bake in the sun! Instead, opt to stay indoors where it is cool and the sun can’t further dehydrate you. Other fun places that are cool to visit are the mall or movies. At Renaissance, you may opt to stay in the movie room and watch a flick instead of going outside and bearing the brunt of the sun.

Take A Cool Shower

After being outside in the hot sun for any period of time, it is advisable to take a cool shower in order to bring the temperature of your skin down. Evaporation of the sweat off the body can increase dehydration. Taking a cool shower helps combat the evaporation and will help you stop sweating out all those precious liquids!

All in all, the summertime is exciting, It’s great to feel the Vitamin C come into your body with the beautiful sun shining all through the long days but you need to make sure you’re looking out for your health, too!