What Is Assisted Living?

If you have aging parents still alive, whether close to you or far away, you know that sinking feeling you get when you call them and the phone goes unanswered. Every possible scenario goes through your mind to the point that you either jump in your car and see if they are okay or call someone who lives close to them to check on them. Richfield assisted living facility is basically a retirement community that provides minimal assistance for older adults. Living in an independent community can be much like living in a luxury suite at a swanky hotel with all the amenities that come with it. From activities such as game night, exercise classes, and other programs to five-star dining with meals prepared by excellent chefs to services like physical therapy, medication assistance, and even massage therapy, many independent living communities make the later stages of life a daily pleasure. To decide if an independent living community is the right option, take the following considerations into account:

  • Chronic Health Conditions
    • Assisted living offers the perfect scenario to make things easier and provide help when needed.
  • More Security
    • Seniors are often a little more unstable on their feet but do not need supervised care. Knowing all they have to do is press a button can offer much-needed peace of mind.
  • Difficulty Maintaining The Home
    • With assisted living, there are staff members who handle any maintenance and offer housekeeping services.
  • Need Help Getting Around
    • Independent living communities offers transportation services to take residents to appointments and other outside activities.

Independent living communities like ours bring a renewed sense of living to seniors when they move.