Trends In Senior Livings Communities (Part 2)

Senior assisted living communities in Richfield are fairly new, responding to the ever changing demands for senior housing. Although the industry tends to react to the status of the economy, baby boomers are creating and responding to trends in a variety of ways. In part one of this blog, I discussed how seniors are requiring state of the art technology in the facility they choose to stay connected with their personal lives and utilize web based education.

In addition to technological requirements, lifelong learning at senior communities is also extremely important. The New Retirement Survey focused on how baby boomers are rapidly reaching the age of retirement, and will have significant impact on all areas of senior living including housing. In fact, baby boomers will essentially reinvent retirement because they will live longer and most likely will remain mentally engaged and employed well beyond the age of 65. The impact will dramatically influence trends in senior living communities. The survey describes this as the “turning point” which is the idea that boomers have every intention of working and earning additional income after retiring from their current job and even possibly finding entirely new careers. Not only is the desire to continue working motivated by monetary gain but for mental stimulation and challenge.  The face of assisted living is about to change to accommodate the mass numbers of boomers that will be entering long term care. The changes are necessary to offer state of the art facilities that continually evolve as society does ensuring a high quality of life well into the future.