Trends in Senior Living Communities (Part 1)

Senior assisted living communities in Richfield are fairly new, responding to the ever changing demands for senior housing. Although the industry tends to react to the status of the economy, baby boomers are creating and responding to trends in a variety of ways. Independent living is at the top of the list for most seniors and most are as serious about technology as the rest of society. That means new communities must offer state of the art systems for computer savvy seniors.With many boomers leaving the workforce at the same time they have become accustomed to and very proficient at building their careers and their personal lives around computers. Seniors want services that will allow them to maintain independence.

According to, currently, 22% of continuing care retirement communities are now offering web based education. However, that number is expected to soar to 69% over the next four years. While wellness options, including classes and recreation, are projected to grow from 25% to 52%. Studies also reveal that 35% of senior living community providers are expected to observe “green” standards in new construction or renovation. Technology, education, health and environmental concerns will keep the aging baby boomers occupied, challenged and productive for many years. Our facility offers our residents activities and amenities to ensure they live the quality of life they deserve with the finest care and compassionate staff. We feature a main streetscape design to create the feeling of home and belonging. We can almost call this a spa rather than an assisted living facility.