Superior Senior Joint Health

There’s no doubt that the joints of your loved ones have been through a lot during their lives. Decades have been spent supporting muscles, providing movement and possibly sustaining injuries. By keeping their joints healthy, they’ll not only experience greater freedom of movement and reduced pain but also enjoy a higher quality of life.

The good news is, there are a number of ways you can boost the joint health of your senior. By following these tips, you can help them regain their independence.

  • Low-impact exercise-By focusing on walking, stretching, yoga, pilates, and using stationary bikes or elliptical machines, seniors can burn calories without causing harmful force in the joints.
  • Weight control-The amount of force you experience is several times that of your body weight. By losing weight, you’ll reduce stress on your joints. At the next doctor visit, find out what the ideal weight should be.
  • Healthy eating-Certain foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fats are known to contribute to joint health. While not as effective as stretching or exercise, it can contribute to greater health.
  • Healthy strategies-Remind your senior to keep joints in mind while doing day to day activities. Bending the knees to pick something up instead of bending over and lifting, or walking with a proper stride and roll-through of the foot are a few great ways to keep joints comfortable.


When taking part in senior assisted living, sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference. If you’re in the Richfield, OH area, contact us today for more information.