Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors

Seniors have a lot to deal with when the holidays roll around. Not only do depression and suicide rates go up during the holidays, but there are many other dangers, from house fires caused by Christmas trees to falls on snow and ice. If you have a senior in your care that is not in Richfield assisted living or you are a senior yourself, you will want to be especially mindful of these three situations to stay safe this holiday season.

Beware Of Icy Steps and Walkways

Seniors are at an increased risk of falls when temperatures drop below freezing, but keeping the steps and walkways free of snow and ice can go a long way in preventing a fall.

Avoid Snow Shoveling Dangers

For active, healthy seniors, snow shoveling can be a good way to get in daily exercise. However, because of increased risk of heart attack while shoveling, seniors with a history of heart disease should not shovel under any circumstances.

Follow Christmas Tree and Decorating Safety

Although Christmas tree fires are not common, they are some of the most damaging and deadly  home fires. To prevent fires, make sure a real tree is kept watered and the needles don’t dry out. Only use indoor lights on the tree. Make sure your smoke detector is working!

A move to an assisted living facility can help address a lot of these winter dangers. Outdoor maintenance and shoveling won’t be a concern, and you will have peace of mind knowing help is just a quick call away. Senior communities offer plenty of activities to keep you happy and healthy.