Healthy Exercises As You Age

Physical activity is crucial for maintaining your health, no matter what age you may be. As our bodies age however, the amount of strenuous activity we can handle may vary depending on any injuries or conditions that are present. Regardless, it’s safe to say there are a wide variety of activities to choose from that will help keep your body functioning well, aid in energy and sleep, and encourage healthy habits in other areas as well. Let’s take a look at some of the beneficial routine exercises available for elderly individuals and why Renaissance encourages healthy activity in the community.


Any healthy workout regimen requires stretching, usually before and after your activity. However, for elderly individuals, it may be more beneficial to wait until you finish your activity to stretch. Once your muscles are warmed up and worked, you run a lower risk of potentially pulling a muscle or injuring yourself when stretching and stiff. Stretching is crucial to ensure you are allowing oxygen and blood flow to all of your body and muscles, enabling them to stretch, which also helps with soreness. Whenever you begin stretching, start with small movements and rotations, focusing on working each muscle group. You should feel a pull, but it should never be painful.


When you look into starting a workout regimen, never underestimate the simplicity of basic activities. Walking is a wonderful way to raise your heart level and build up endurance. Doing a walk around the block every day can go a long way. As you continue to build up endurance during these walks, you will be able to go further on endeavors such as shopping or walking around your home. Walking is wonderful for your heart and it’s a simple act that can take as little as twenty minutes a day. Think of it being a little activity over an extended period of time, a little goes a long way!

Water Activity

Swimming or aerobics in the water is a fun and simple way to stay healthy and build muscle. The resistance the water provides is gentle, while still building excellent endurance for your heart and muscles. Even more helpful, water activity is gentle on joints and ligaments, so you are able to have fluid motions and activities without causing strain to your body.

Lifting Weights

Before you picture body builders and heavy weight champions, hear us out on this one. Even the smallest amounts of weight can have a positive effect on your body, and build your muscles as well. Taking time to grab a five, or even three, pound weight and practice arm raises, bicep curls, or lateral arm raises will be extremely helpful while additionally creating endurance. Often times elderly individuals will have difficulty lifting heavier objects as they continue to get older such as a gallon of milk, a full bag of groceries etc. Lifting smaller amounts of weight repetitively will help make these daily acts easier over time, build your own health, and reduce your risk of injury. Be sure to start on the lower side of weightlifting, building your way up to heavier weights.

Balancing Exercises

Unfortunately, falls can occur easily as individuals age, and often result in broken bones or other painful effects. Practicing balancing exercises will help you develop your core muscles and improve your center of gravity. Even more beneficial, you can easily practice these exercises at home. Simply hold onto a chair and lift one foot off of the ground at a time, changing between feet. As you develop a better balance, try adding a pillow underneath your foot for added difficulty. Lift your leg forward, to the side, behind you, and back to resting position on the ground.

At Renaissance Extraordinary Senior Care Living, we are passionate about implementing healthy living routines on a daily basis. We understand being healthy requires more than just physical activity. Our compassionate and qualified staff is here to help design well-balanced and nutritional meals to provide all necessary dietary needs. We offer a wide variety of accommodations for many different health conditions to ensure the optimal health for each individual. Contact us today to take a tour of our facility. At Renaissance, we believe in community caring for community.