Boosting Creativity in Seniors

At Renaissance Assisted Living in Richfield, we believe it’s never too late to learn a new skill. In fact, a plethora of research suggests that older adults who participate in creative activities have more feelings of personal growth and purpose. Our assisted living professionals have compiled a list of ways we can encourage aging loved ones pursue their new creative interests.

Write It Down

Keeping a daily journal offers a variety of benefits for older adults beyond merely preserving their legacies. While seniors often write to share their life experiences with younger and future generations, the writing process can actually be beneficial to their health. Studies have found that the act of writing is linked to stress relief and even improved cognitive function.

Turn on the Stereo

The simple act of turning on the radio or picking up a guitar are among the many ways we can encourage creativity among seniors. While music is a creative outlet itself, it can also foster creativity by bringing up memories or promoting a particular mood.


Meditation is among one of the best practices to alleviate anxiety and boost physical benefits in seniors. It has been known to reduce inflammation and respiratory infections while also relieving symptoms of insomnia.

Create Something

Pottery and painting are two great mind stimulating activities that engage seniors both cognitively and psychologically. A study performed by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that exercising the brain is important to keeping the brain alert and strong. Psychologically, the benefits of creating things can give people a strong sense of worth and a positive outlook on life.

Renaissance meets more than just the basic care needs for your loved one. We provide amenities designed for the comfort, care, and safety of our members. We encourage our members to perform tasks that they are able to with encouragement and assistance when needed. Contact us today to learn more about our senior assisted living facility in Richfield.