5 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Living at our own home is something that we grow accustomed to throughout our life. Moving into an assisted living center is a completely alien idea for many elderly adults to even consider. Pride and independence can fog your thought process when it comes to such a fundamental idea as where to live. That is fully understandable, and completely human. Here are five reasons why living in an assisted living center might be the right choice:

Easy Living
When you transition to an assisted living center, one of the first things you will notice is how much easier your life just got! No more worrying about the water heater going out. No more shoveling the driveway, taking out the trash, raking up leaves, fixing the toilet… the list goes on and on! This is your chance to enjoy your life without having to sweat the little things.

Once you experience how convenient it is to live at an assisted living center, you’ll wonder how you ever got by before! Meals are taken care of, activities are easy to attend, no home maintenance is required, and entertainment is everywhere you look! The convenience of assisted living is something that must be experienced to fully appreciate.

Assisted living provides seniors with many opportunities to meet new people. Between other residents, staff, and volunteers, there are plenty of chances to make new friends. Having visitors is a piece of cake too! No more rushing around to make sure your house is in order and the chores are done. Simply invite your friends and family over and enjoy their company, no stress required.

This may not be something you want to think about very often, but the fact of the matter is, it can be dangerous to live alone as you grow older. For example, falls are the number one cause of injury for a senior citizen. Assisted living centers safeguard against falls in a variety of ways. First, the environment is as fall-proof as possible. Living at home you’d have to spend thousands to retrofit your house with the fall prevention equipment found at assisted living facilities. Secondly, there is always someone around to help in the unfortunate scenario that a fall does occur. Falls are just one of a plethora of dangers facing a senior living home alone.

Healthy Living
It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you live at home. Healthy eating and exercise are major keys to aging gracefully. Living at The Renaissance gives you access to a variety of opportunities to exercise. Whether you participate in our tai chi and yoga classes, or prefer solo exercise activities, healthy living is heavily promoted here at The Renaissance. We also strongly believe in providing the best possible food choices to all of our residents.

When it is time to start making plans for the next chapter in your life, consider assisted living. You deserve to enjoy your time without having to stress about the day-to-day inconveniences that come with living at home.