5 Fun Activities For Grandchildren Visits

If you or a loved one is currently living in an assisted living facility, there are many things you can do to turn a grandchild’s visit into a memorable experience. At the Renaissance in Richfield, we love having grandchildren visit our state-of-the-art facility because of the tremendous joy it brings to our seniors. While there are several fun activities for grandchildren to partake in during their visit, below are a few of our favorites.

Read A Chapter Of A Book

Whether your grandchildren visit your assisted living facility every week or every month, reading a book with them can be a fun and intimate activity. If you have a favorite children’s book of your own, or your grandchild just happens to love a certain series, choose an age-appropriate book you know they’ll love. When your grandchildren come to visit, read a few chapters of the book to them during their visit. If they can’t bare to leave the book at your assisted living facility after the first few chapters, offer to read to them over the phone while they are away. This can be a great opportunity for you to build a closer relationship with the ones you love.

Share Your Family Photo Albums

Do you remember being a kid and getting a kick out of seeing old pictures of your parents? When your grandchildren come to visit you at your assisted living facility, make sure to have a few family photo albums on hand. Browsing through old family photos is a great opportunity for you to educate your grandchildren on your family history, not to mention you’ll be able to share funny stories from when you were growing up. If you have old family videos laying around, grab some snacks and indulge in an intimate movie screening with your grandkids.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

What grandchild doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity to do while your grandchildren visit, consider arranging a small scavenger hunt in your assisted living community or living corridors. Create your own fun clues, riddles and rhymes to lead your grandchildren to small prizes such as candy or little toys.

Work On A Puzzle

If you struggle to walk or get around your assisted living facility, working on a puzzle with your grandchild is a great immobile activity to partake in. If your grandchild is visiting during a holiday, ask a loved one to purchase a holiday-themed puzzle to get them in holiday spirit!

Take A Walk Outside

Many assisted living facilities will have walking paths nearby that go through parks, trails, or just around the community. If the weather is nice, consider taking your grandchildren on a refreshing walk outside. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask them questions about their school, friends, and weekly routines while you enjoy the outdoor canvas of mother nature.

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