5 Common Myths About Assisted Living

Due to the complexity of senior care, there are many misconceptions about Richfield assisted living. Negative perceptions tend to get repeated more often among acquaintances and in the media. Let’s take a look at those misconceptions.

  1. An assisted living facility is the same thing as a nursing home.
    1. Assisted living facilities actually have come around fairly recently, and they are distinct from nursing homes. They are designed to address the needs of the individual who may need help with some things but is otherwise independent and healthy.  Nursing homes are for those who need to have skilled medical care available around the clock. Assisted living encourages seniors to be as active and independent as possible. They focus on allowing seniors to feel that they are living on their own and not burdening their families while having help close by.
  2. Medicare pays for assisted living.
    1. Unfortunately, as many seniors learn that while nursing homes are able to accept Medicare, assisted living facilities cannot. Medicare only pays for medical expenses and assisted living facilities do not provide medical care. Usually, people pay for assisted living with long-term care insurance or private funds. There are some facilities may accept Medicare, but these residents may not best be served by assisted living facilities.
  3. You won’t be admitted with a wheelchair or incontinence problems.
    1. Many people also have the misunderstanding that if an elder person needs to be in a wheelchair or is suffering from urinary incontinence, then they will  not be admitted to an assisted living facility. The fact is, this is not true because wheelchairs are allowed and as long as incontinence is managed it is not a problem.
  4. Moving to assisted living means you won’t be able to have hobbies.
    1. Most senior living facilities have staff that plans and organizes a variety of activities for their residents like book clubs, bingo, fitness programs and others. You can rest assured your loved one will be able to enjoy a variety of activities and hobbies than ever before.
  5. Assisted Living Means Losing Privacy
    1. Assisted living actually offers more privacy than home care. The help is there only when your loved one needs it so nobody is lingering around in their space.

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